French and English Settlements

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Question :

In 1759 the English won the battle of the

Plans of Abraham

This is our Smore about the French and English Settlements as well as The 1759 Battle of Plains of Abraham

English settlements

Which other groups of people were in Canada during the Time New France was being established

The people that were in Canada during that time period were:

Samuel De Champlain

Jacques Marquette

Dollier De Casson

Louis Jolliet

Cavalier De La Salle

What do you know about the people that were in Canada during that time

Samuel De Champlain was a French navigator,explorer and founder of New France in 1608

Jacques Marquette was a French missionary and founded Michigans first Europian Settlement

François Dollier De Casson was in the military and joined the French army and made the first street plains of Montreal

Louis Jolliet was a French Canadian explorer known for his discoverys in North America

Robert Cavelier De La Salle was a French explorer, he explored Great Lakes in America and Canada and claimed the Mississippi River for France

1759 Abraham Plains

The 1759 Abraham Plains war was a big part of history and a big part of "The Seven Year War"

The Seven Year War 1759 The Abraham Plains Was taken place in Quebec

This historical event was on September 13, 1759

It was a British attack led by General James Wolfe and Troops with Marquis De Montcalm (French )

This was a Canadian historical moment known as the seven Year War the war was lead on by Europe ,India , North America and Canada and the alliance Australia and France

This was all happening because the British wanted merchandise , aboriginal trades and ancient artifacts so the British attacked the French for that reason

That was my paragraph about English settlements and the 1759 Abraham plains


Battle of the Plains of Abraham

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French Settlements

Who were the people of New France :

In the French region they're were many people who contributed. Samuel De Champlain was the founder of New France in 1608. Cardinal De Richelieu ran New France between 1627-1663. Jesuits was a man who renewed a mission Sainte Marie Among Hurons. Jean Baptise Colbert was the General of Finances and the Minster. They're were also the Habitants , Priests / Lords , Travelers , and the Soliders.

Why The French Wanted To Come To Canada :

Many things had happend which why the French People wanted to come to Canada. The French Explorers wanted to come so they can get more merchandise. The French People also started to experience explosions so to keep they're family's safe they started to come to Canada. They also experienced attacks in colony's which made they're survival a doubt. Some other men or people would come for fur trades.

When Did The French First Arrive :

The French had a couple of settle places. Territories of New France were Canada, Acadia which is now called Nova Scotia , and Louisiana. Samuel De Champlain was one of the first or the first to come. They had come to Quebec in 1608. They had came with ships and boats with other people along.

Where Was The French Permanent Settlement :

The French People's permanent settlement is Quebec here in Canada. 6.5 million French people live in Canada and 5.1 million French people live in Quebec. Most of the people living in Quebec speak French as well. Back in the olden days Quebec was called the same thing since it was a French name and French people had made it up.

What Did The French People Contribute To Canada :

The French had contributed some things to Canada. The had contributed / traded fur. Back in the old days fur trading was important because they used it for warm clothes and other things. They had kept on moving to different places for trading they're fur but one main place is Montreal. Another thing that they did is not really contributing it was more of helping out but they had helped out in military. They had probably helped out in taking care making sure all soldiers and people were healthy.

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