Monday Message

Welcome Back!

This week....

  • Please be on time to all before and afterschool duties, specials and cafeteria time. EVERYONE's time is precious!
  • There were multiple district calendars around and about. They have all been merged onto the internal district calendar on google. If you cannot see that, please let me know.
  • If you would like to do afterschool AIS tutoring, please send your letter of interest to Dr. Stratton (Helen) and me!
  • When using AESOP for a school business day, please be sure to write what you are using it for.
  • eschool has a phone journal that I use (and you can too) to log parent calls.

September 19-23


  • Book Fair
  • 9:30 First Lockdown drill with a firedrill to follow it weather permitting.


  • Book Fair
  • Jenn at Oak Street
  • 6-8 Meet the Teacher Night for K-2


  • Jenn at Oak Street
  • 2:50 District Faculty meeting


  • Jenn at Oak Street

  • 3-6 RtI Direct at Oak Street Library for anyone who provides AIS

  • 6-8 Meet the Teacher Night 3-5


  • Jenn at Cabinet am