presidential pamphlet

why you should be the president


You must be a natural born citizen of the United States.

You must be 35 years of age.

Must be a resident for 15 years.

Presidential Powers

1. Commander and chief of the armed forces in war time. (executive)

2. Issue treaty's for war and trade. (legislative)

3. He can veto a bill if he doesn't like it. (legislative)

4. make executive orders. (executive)

5. fill open seats in the court. (judicial)

6. Appoint his own cabinet he wants to work with. (executive)

7. He is granted executive privilege. (executive)

8. mange the budget of the U.S. (judicial)

9. Issue pardons in cases he sees fit. (judicial)

10. Power to declare war on a nation. (executive)

The most important power in my opinion is the power of commander and chief to the armed forces because it is very important to know what you are doing to command a whole army.

Leadership traits important for the job

1. Trust- The entire country must trust you to make important decisions every day.

2. Be a amazing leader- You are in charge of an entire country so you have to know how to lead in every circumstance.

3. Resolve conflicts- a lot of conflicts will arise when you are president you have to know how to deal with them in the best way possible.

4. Set goals- You have to set goals for your cabinet and administration.

5. team- as the president you must be able to select a team that will work best with you and get things done.

Roles of the President

1. Party leader- Helps members of his party get elected to office.

2. Commander and chief- Commands the armed forces, military leaders take his orders.

3. Chief executive- Has power to administer laws of the nation.

4. Chief of state- Represent the U.S. in public events mainly symbolic role.

5. Chief diplomat- Interacting with other nations leaders like developing polices.

6. Chief legislature- Voice your ideas and options to congress while they draft legislation.


ISIS is a terrorist group that is threatening the U.S. and most of the free wold. As president i would issue an executive order for the air force to commence air strikes on the ISIS locations. That would also be using my power as commander of the military. If it came to it i could also use my power as commander and chief to declare war on the ISIS nations.

I would use my role of chief diplomat to meet with other nations leaders to get them involved in fighting this evil group. I would use my role of chief legislature to voice my ideas to congress and hopefully get them on my side. I would also use my power of leader of the party to get other people in my party elected so they are on my side and help me get my bills passed.