Bangladesh Country Profile

by Alejandra Rojo 1st period

Population Pyramid

The population pyramid of Bangladesh shows that they are having lots of kids and youth but very little older age people. This could mean that the country is poor and bad in health care. Since they are unable to care for their elderly the elderly population is so low. Since the population of kids is so high women must not have many freedom of rights of their own. Many kids mean its hard to hold a family meaning most kids get little education and work for their families. The must have to hold between 2 to 3 jobs in order to keep their families alive.

Cultural Traits of Bangladesh

The cultural traits in Bangladesh vary upon language, ages, religion, and small tribal groups.

The languages in Bangladesh are first Bangali language which is written in its own script and then after follows english and Urdu. Bangladesh is a hierarchical society, which involves two or more groups working together to ensure their survival within a clearly defined stratified structure.

The people in Bangladesh are respected because of age and position, older people are naturally viewed as wise and are granted respect. They believe that the senior male is to be in charge and does everything the way he wants in order to ensure their good life style.

Religion in Bangladesh is majority Muslim, with a mix of pre-islam folk traditions.

98% are Bengali and speak Bangla

83% are Muslim

17% Hindu

other 1% are Christian or Buddhist

They identify with folk traditions which include belief in Shamanism, and the power of Fakirs, Ojhaa, and Bauls. Strong traditions of music, dance, and literature that includes classical devotions of Hidu and Muslim music.

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Economic and Political change in culture

Economic and Politics have changed the culture of Bangladesh in some ways. As the economic and politic worlds of Bangladesh advance and change it changes the way people communicate, think, work, and advance in their culture. Many cultures combine and share their traditions and beliefs and as the economy progresses new groups are introduced, new technologies, new innovations are introduced, changing the view of people in their cultures. They leave or abandon their traditions and cultures as their economy grows and changes. Now politics start up conflicts between cultures because they try to change them from what they believe and do to something different some view it as good some as bad. That turns each against each other.And in order for the economy and politics to succeed in Bangladesh they must have approval form the people with different cultures and backgrounds and not just try to enforce them into something new that they are not used to. Also natural disasters have impacted economically and politically because they have to find a way to fix it with the little money they have and no disturb social cultural groups within the places of Bangladesh.