The Cat Burglar

By: Nicole

One dark and dreary night, everything was quiet... too quiet. A brick house with long, slender windows stood in the silence of the night. Inside was a fluffy dog and an ordinary husband and wife--one with a exceptional collection of jewels/jewelery. Nothing was abnormal, except that the clock was about to strike midnight. In the dead of night, a black blur crept in through the doggy door, and swiped the jewels--without leaving a trace.

When the couple awoke the next morning the first thing they realized was their precious jewel collection had disappeared. They were frantically searching their house, but without any luck in retrieving their stolen stones. Just when they were about to loose all hope, their dog starts barking near the front door. The wife notices a tiny ring... only it wasn't a ring, it was a collar. A cat collar. It had 'Kitty', the owner's address, and phone number. The couple immediately called the police explaining they had been robbed and asked if they could have a trial. The police turned them over to a lawyer. They talked with their lawyer and brought an indictment upon Kitty which would later become a subpoena once a trial date was set.

The trial was set in an arraignment court room--which had no jury, only a judge. Kitty and her owner were arrested and brought to court on criminal charges for committing a felony. Since she was a cat, Kitty had to have a court-appointed public defender to handle her case. Kitty was released on bail because she had to take a cat nap while she waited for her owner to arrive. After her owner came to court, he was so happy to see his little pussy cat. The judge said that he had a vital part in this case being a defendant because he was Kitty's owner. Kitty and her owner faced prosecution on the alleged robbery of the couple. When Kitty's owner was called up to the witness stand, he testified that Kitty was locked inside his house all night--and couldn't have possibly been the one to rob the couple.

After the judge heard both sides of the story, he sat very quiet making a verdict on the case. He was about to tell the outcome of the case when all of a sudden the little boy jumped up and confessed to lying about Kitty's location during the time in question. The judge looked at him very sternly and said, "Son, do you confess to committing perjury on the stand?" The little boy nodded his head; but he plea bargained for Kitty to receive minimum punishment for her actions. He also told the judge exactly where to find the stolen jewels at his house with the hope of leniency from the judge. Given this new information, the judge had no other chose but to convict Kitty of the robbery of the stolen jewels. Kitty's family accepted the consequences without appealing to a higher court; the judge's decision was to make Kitty serve one year's worth of community service ridding the neighborhood of pesky mice. The couple got every last one of their jewels back and an apology from Kitty's owner. The judge dismissed the case and all went home to allow the court to prepare for it's next court.