Another side of Mercury

Mercury has secrets that have been hidden

Mercury has some secrets

New photos of Mercury show that the planet has been keeping a few secrets. It turns out that Mercury is dotted with ancient volcanoes. It is also shrinking as it gets older. This causes it to form wrinkle-like ridges. The pictures thrilled scientists. They were looking at parts of Mercury for the first time.

Mercury has changed

There were photos taken of mercury and they were different. The photos also show mountain-like ridges. Scientists first noticed these ridges in the Mariner 10 photos from the 1970s. However, it is clear now that the ridges are common on the planet. Scientists believe this shows that Mercury is getting smaller. This means that there are some hidden secrets between Mercury. Also that mercury has craters which meas that it had ancient volcanos.

A different side to Mercury

Messenger will fly over Mercury a few more times. Then, the probe will go into a long-term orbit. Eventually, it will have taken photos of the entire planet. Messenger is a robot that will take picture during it's movement around Mercury. This means that they will have evidence if anything has changed since they last shaw it.


Prockter also noted "some features we haven't been able to explain yet." One is what scientists are calling "the spider." It is in the middle of a large crater. The spider was formed long ago when space junk hit a young Mercury. Mariner 10 had seen only part of the crater. Messenger looked with sharper cameras. It also had a better point of view. What do the photos show? The spider has an odd central platea that sticks up. The plateau is about half a mile high. It has dozens of tiny ridges spreading out from it. This makes it look like a spider.