Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update January 6, 2017<--Got that right the 1st try:)

Week at a Glance

Reading- We're finishing up the book The Witches. Next week we will start looking at figurative language (specifically similes & metaphors). We've also started new chapter books in guided reading.

Math- We've finished up our module 1 e4tech lessons, and took a multiplication pretest this week. Based on those results we will decide where to go for math next week, but it will likely be multiplication & division.

Science- We started a unit on renewable resources this week! This will tie in nicely with our next e4tech module, which deals with circuits and electricity.

Writing- We're finishing up our personal narrative drafts, and will start focusing on the editing/revising portion of writing. This has taken longer than planned due to a break for test prep, but also because students are having trouble focusing on one moment rather than an entire experience or day.

Social Studies- continuing geography with Flat Stanley and economics with Classroom Economy system.

Genius Hour Presentations

Students will present their Genius Hour presentations after school on Wednesday, February 8th from 4-6. Students will stay after school for these, and a permission slip will be coming home soon for that. We understand that with sports some students may not be able to stay for these, so we will also allow students to present in our SLC for other classes Thursday morning.

Presentations will be set up similar to a wax museum where students stand at their presentation and present as people walk up to them. They will not present one at a time, in front of everyone.

Author Visit

A book order form is being sent home today for an author visit that will take place in the spring. If you would like to order a book for your child to have autographed by this author, please return the form with the money by January 12th (next week).

MAP Score Reports

MAP score reports will be coming home on Wednesday, January 11th. Please be looking for these in your child's red folder. There will also be a letter explaining the results.