The Limited

Sydney Popp

What is it..

The Limited is a corporation because many different people own a part of it. One advantage of a corporation is if someone passes away the business still goes on. Also you can sell just one store for a lot of money.

History on the Company

In 1963 Leslie Wexner borrow $5,000 dollars from his aunt and $5,000 from the bank and started a store called The Limited. In 1964 his parents closed their store they had previously opened and joined in with their son.

Facts About The Company

-The original board for the company was Leslie, Bella his mother, Harry his father, and a family friend Jim Waldron.

-In 1982 they purchased Victoria Secret for $1 million

-The main headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio

- In 1985 only one Henri Bendel store was purchased for $10 million

Would I Invest

I think I would invest in this company. The company is worth a lot of money and there are many stores in the company.
The Limited Spring 2012 Video