Introduction To Psychology

Come learn a few things that could possibly be life changing

What Is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental process. Scientific Process is observable facts and established methods. Behavior is observational actions. Mental Process is thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, mutations and also dreams. Psychology is also the branch of biology.

Influential People of Psychology and Theories

Edward Tinner, held the complex conscious experience could be broken down into elemental parts of structures. William James and Darwin focused on how behaviors function to allow people and animals adapt to environment. Sigmund Freud developed the Psychoanalystic Theory which is the unconscious mental process of shape, feelings, thoughts and behavior.

New School Development of Psychology

Behaviorism- Psychology redefined as a scientific study of observable behaviors. Psychologist who defined that were: Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) John Watson (1878-1958) B.F Slunner (1904-1990).

Humanistic Psychology is positive potential of humans beings is assumed.

Cognitive Psychology is the study of how things are perceived, thoughts, memory, and reasoning.

Many More People Who Helped Build Psychology

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Aristole (384-322 BCE)