Reading Project

Breanna Huffine


Harriet Tubman was a child in slavery. She was born in 1820 or 1821 in Buck town, Maryland. She was a very bold and brave girl. The slaves could not read or write because they never went to school. Edward Brodess owned Harriett and her family. When Harriet was about six, she became a source of profit to Brodess. Then she was hired to a couple named Cook. They were really mean to her. At night we would have to sleep on the kitchen table. She got really sick so they took her back to her mother so then she got better. Then she was hired to a different family and there name was Miss Susan. Miss Susan always hit her with a whip. A weight hit Harriett and make her forehead bleed very badly7. Then shortly after that Edward Brodess died because he was ill. Then the farm gets sold to a guy named Doc Thompson. She fell in love with a man named John Tubman. Harriet’s dream is freedom. Then a night when John was sleeping she slipped out of the cabin. She was going to the Underground Railroad. Years later, she describe how it felt and it felt like heaven. A little bit after she became a conductor of the Underground Railroad. She made 19 trips into the south to rescue slaves. In 1852 she moved to St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. In 1857 Aids parents in escaping from slavery and then she settles down in Auburn, New York. Then she meet John Brown and he is a noted abolitionist. She told him about the routes that she uses. In 1861-65 Harriet served as a nurse, scout, and spy for Union forces during the Civil War. Her first husband John Tubman died. Then in 1869 she marries Nelson Davis. She had a speech and she told a lot of people. In 1888 her husband Nelson Davis died. She brought a property and made it in a church and a place of sick and needy people. She lived there when she was about 92 years old and she died there. Harriett was a very good person and she helped a lot of people out of slavery.


1820 or 1821 Harriet Tubman was born.

1835 Suffers a life-threatening blow to the head.

1844 marries John Tubman

1849 Escapes from slavery into Pennsylvania.

1850 Makes first of nineteen trips into South to rescue slaves.

1852 Moves to St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada.

1857 Aids parents in escaping from slavery: settles in Auburn, New York.

1858 Meets John Brown, noted abolitionist.

1861-65 serves as a nurse, scout and spy for Union forces during the Civil War.

1869 Marries Nelson Davis

1888 Nelson Davis dies

1913 (March 10) Harriet Tubman dies in Auburn , New York

Questions about the book

Who is the author? George Sullivan

When was the publishing date? 2001

Who is the intended audience? People that like history stuff like kids in 7th-12th grades.

How is the text organized? Chronological order

Are there any bias (beliefs or opinions) the author has toward this person? How do you know? No because it’s about her life and it’s like she is talking in the story. The book uses I or me in it. They say she is brave in the story but they can proof it so it’s not bias.

Character Traits

Harriet Tubman was a very brave person. She made 19 trips to the South to get more slaves. Harriet about got caught by the slaves owner. In 1849 she escaped from slavery into Pennsylvania. She suffered a life-threatening blow to the head.

Harriet Tubman was very smart because she helped lead slaves out of slavery. She led about 200 people out of slavery. She knew a lot of the routes to go on to get out of slavery. That’s why she is very smart. At the end of the book it said that she made a hospital and shelter for poor people.

Harriet Tubman was very loving because she tried to help them. She could have got caught and got killed. She helped her family out of slavery too. The book said she loved going to the south to get people.

Early Life

She was very kind to other people because how she was treated when she was younger. In the story it told us that she was treated very poorly. She was a slave that did not get much stuff. She was taken from her family when she was little and that affected her life. Later in her life she built a hospital or a place for poor people to go. She saved a lot of slaves from the South ,and she did not because she did not want anyone to be a slave like she was.
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Three people who influenced this character

Harriet Tubman's family was a very good influenced group of people because they told her to help other people. She saved her family from slavery. They influenced her to go back to the Underground Railroad to save more people.

The people that lived in one of the houses on the Underground Railroad because they told her hints and tips on the Underground Railroad. The people influenced her to keep helping people on the Underground Railroad.

She said God influenced her to do the things that she did. In the book she said God told her to get the slaves and take them to a safe place. So she listen and she did a lot of awesome stuff in her life.


"Life doesn't get easier you just get stronger." She got beat on and she never got down on her self. She got through life good and she was an amazing person.

Liked the book or not

The book was a good book but I don't really like reading. It was fun learning about her life and what she went through. She was a very brave person to go through all the stuff she went through. I don't really like books and reading books. The book made me look at my life and see how good I have my life today. She had a not so good life. It was kind of intersecting because it told us about her life and the problems in her life.