Teach Me How To Study Projects

By: Jackson Omeja

Public Speaking

In our public speaking assignment we had to make and present a presentation to the whole class. It had to be about things we like and are good at. It was also helping us become better presenters by using our hands when we present.

In this project I learned that using your hands is very helpful. When I used my hands it helped me feel more professional and confident.

Calendar And Organization

In this project we had to go to Google Calendar. And we had to go back to the month of August. We had to scheduled a series of events for a week. And we have to see of we had enough time to do all of that. That project helped us with our scheduling skills that would also help us organize.

In this project I learned that it would be helpful If I used google task bar and calendar.

Smart Goals

Smart Goals are goals that are S-Specific M-Measurable A-Achievable R-Realistic T-Timely. We learned about these because we are designing something that we can sell. So we learned these goals so we don't think to big.

In this project I learned that You should set better goals and not more broad goals. This helped me because now I use smart goals and set smart goals.

Where Am I Going

In the where am I going project we had to look up two jobs that looked interesting. I chose Aerospace Engineering and Casino surveillance Officer. Then we had to find out what education we needed for those jobs. We also had to find out what collages offered classes for it.

In this project I learned that to be an Aerospace Engineer you need to be good at Math. You have to have a Bachelor's and Master's degree. And for a Casino Surveillance officer you need a Bachelor's degree.

Fixed .VS. Growth Mindset

In this project we learned what a fixed mindset is vs a growth mind set. A fixed mindset means Effort won't make a difference. You will never learn it. You don't like to learn and you give up on it. A growth mindset is when you keep on trying if you don't get it the first time. It also means that You are willing to learn and pay attention to learning.

In this project I learned that i am a little bit of both. And now I am focusing on getting rid of my Fixed mindset and focusing more on my growth mindset.

Note taking

In this unit we learned about six different helpful ways to take notes. These styles are called point or dash form,web diagram,outlines,study guide,Two column notes and the last one is called the combo we also learned something called Cornell notes.

I learned that the most useful style is the point or dash form. It is basically like bullet points and a fact.

Typing test

For typing test we would go to a typing website and type. We would get our words per minute and give them to Mr.Jaeger and give him our score. The website that I used is called Nitro type. Nitro type is a typing game were you type and race other people online.

Playing Nitro type I learned that the home row is vital to typing faster.

Motivational Poster

In this project we made a poster that had a quote or something that would motivate someone. And then make a cool background. My poster said "what we know keeps us from learning.

In this project I learned that Quotes are more important than I thought they were

Five Tips for successful students

In this project we looked at and wrote down 5 tips for students they were plan enough time for studying,study at the same time every day,Make use of free hours during the school day,plan for weekly reviews,leave some unscheduled time for flexibility.

Doing this I learned that I need to make more time in my schedule.

Truth or Dare

In this assignment we had to take a test and add our score up on the truth and dare side If you got a certain score that means you are organized prepared and ready if you got a lower score you were less organized and not as prepared.

After this project I learned that I should be a little More organized and prepared.