Joseph lyons born the 15 September, 1879 in Stanley, Tasmania, Australia.

He died 60 years later in sydney on th 7 April 1939. He was educated at Phillip Smith Teachers Training College. He has 13 children by th names of Enid, Brendan, Kevin, Sheila, Kathleen, Janice, Desmond, Rosemary, Moira, Peter, Garnet, Barry and his wife Enid Lyons.

His Party is the United Australia Party. He was prime minister for 7 years from 1932 to 1939. He is remembered fo Australian Broadcasting commission (ABC) established in 1932.

The Whaling ACT 1935 restricted the killing of certain types of whales.

Lyons, ACT is named after him. Honoured on a postage stamp. Australian Federal Division of Lyons named after him aswell.