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My family comes first, but I am selfless for others. I find joy and meaning in giving, helping and inspiring others.

I married my kindergarten boyfriend

Seriously. We were inseparable in Mrs. Ficker's kindergarten class (that's me in my leotard and hubby, Jake, in the knee-worn jeans). I still have Jake's Garfield Valentine's Day card from Kindergarten in 1986. Our families didn't hang out with each other, and we ended up in separate elementary schools through 6th grade. We began "going out" in 9th grade, and got married one year after I graduated from college.

I value honesty, integrity, transparency, resilience and hard work. I believe in shared leadership.

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More About Me

I Run for Fun.

Jake and I trained for (and completed) our first half marathon in Fergus Falls last June. Since then, we've run many 5K's, the Sunshine Run, the Fargo relay, and are registered to compete in the "Average Joe" Triathlon in Perham toward the end of this month. Advice to first-time runners: check the elevation heights of your race so you know if you need to expect hills!

I've had 4 Surgeries

  • In 2nd Grade, I had an appendectomy and can remember every detail. I still have the stuffed bear that was given to me at the hospital and the cards my classmates made for me.
  • In 3rd grade I had a birthmark and mole removed on my foot because it showed signs of cancer. I ended up breaking the stitches by playing kickball too soon after.
  • I'm missing two of my front teeth (they never existed), so have dental implants. Ask me about it sometime and I'll show you!
  • Two years ago I had my gallbladder removed due to several rather large gallstones. These were formed when I went through a period of rapid weight loss. I was in my Master's Program through Southwest State with Warren Christie at that time.