Bonjour Bulletin

February 5, 2016

At a Glance

What a busy week! We celebrated the 100th Day of school with special activities. We also enjoyed tasting crepes this week. Merci beaucoup to the French Immersion Committee for providing this cultural experience. We worked very hard this week! In French class, we practiced counting to 100 by ones and by tens. We are counting objects and writing the quantity. These are important math skills to have! In the ELA room, we did 100 things! The funniest is was writing about being 100 year olds.

Riverbanks Zoo Penguin Visit

On Thursday, a Riverbanks Zoo representative came to tell us about penguins in the world and penguins that live at the zoo. There are three different types of penguins at the zoo. We learned that a rockhopper penguin can jump over 6 feet. The gentoo can swim as fast as 22 miles an hour. The biggest penguin at the zoo is the King Penguin. They feed the penguins four different types of fish, so they do not get bored. They live about 35 years at the zoo. A group of penguins is called a colony. Penguin feathers are small but very dense. Ask your child to tell you a fact about penguins they learned. Go see the penguins at the Riverbanks Zoo!
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Pratiquez en français!

  • Finish chapter 3 in your math workbook. Reteach/Practice 3-1 to 3-7.
  • Continue to practice counting to 100 by ones and by 10s:

dix (10), vingt (20)

trente (30), quarante (40)

cinquante (50)

soixante (60), soixante-dix (70) (60 +10)

quatre-vingts (80) (4 x 20s), quatre-vingt-dix (90) (4 x 20 + 10)

cent (100)


Counting by 10s: http://www. v=e8FYwfesR54 Counting 1-100: watch?v=0ix_hvp5DI0

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Bonne Saint Valentin! Happy Valentine's Day!

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Thursday February 11th:

We have been sending home a list of student names. Have your child write their classmates’ names and sign each card. As a courtesy, please make sure your child has a Valentine/friendship card for every student in his/her class.

Each child needs a “mailbox” to collect their delivered Valentine’s cards. Please help your child decorate a shoebox. Cut a mail slot (large hole) on the top and label the box by the slot with their name. Bring it to school by Tuesday, February 9th.

RunHard for Boys and Girls

RunHard registration is now open for boys and girls. Midway will have a co-ed team this season but there will only be 25 spots for girls and 25 spots for boys. To register, parents should go to The cost is $85.

RunHard is open to students in 2nd grade and above. Our season starts March 8 and practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 - 3:45 on Midway's walking track. The season ends with the RunHard 5K on May 7. Assistant coaches are still needed.

Lexington County School District One does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability or age in admission to, access to, treatment in or employment in its programs and activities. The following people have been designated to handle inquiries or complaints. The Chief Human Resources Officer handles inquiries/complaints regarding Title IX. Inquiries/complaints regarding Section 504 for elementary students go to the Coordinator of ESOL/RtI and for secondary students to the Director of Counseling and Advisement. The Mathematics Coordinator handles inquiries/complaints regarding Title II. Contact these people if you have questions regarding these issues at 100 Tarrar Springs Road, Lexington, SC 29072 and telephone number (803) 821-1000.