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Get Yourself Organized

It's a new year - everything is fresh and full of possibility! Start off right - use one of these techie tools to keep you and your stuff organized.

So How Can I Use This in My Classroom?

Besides keeping your files and resources organized (no more sticky notes and "it's in here somewhere"), you could:

  • Use Diigo to collaborate with others in your department or team (or even across the county), saving resources to one central location
  • Use OneNote or LiveBinder to organize files, websites, videos, etc. by unit
  • Teach students to create and maintain an e-portfolio
  • Use LiveBinder to have students collect research and organize it
  • Use Diigo to create pages where students add information throughout a unit or lesson (like a wiki)
  • Use LiveBinder or Diigo to collect/organize resources you want the students to use for a lesson or project (give them the link to access it)
  • LiveBinder is public - shop other people's stuff to get ideas for lessons etc.
Volume One August 2013