At Stella&Dot What Happens in Vegas

Doesn't stay in Vegas! Here's what happened:


This years National Sales Conference "HOOPLA" in Vegas was truly epic! Our direct upline Director Alex Wooverton was celebrated as #1 Top in Sales in our ENTIRE company! With over 12,000 stylist at Stella & Dot this was such an important moment to experience. Why? Because Alex started out as a stylist by paying $199 to start just like YOU did. Amy Sue & Vaughn were recognized as being Top 50 in Sales and I had the opportunity to celebrate my promotion as Senior Stylist. Why should you care? There is a saying "You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with". Aside from your immediate family and close friends, surrounding yourself with successful people at Stella & Dot who share their successes and failures in order to help you succeed to is exactly where I want to be. Spend time getting to know your team members. Spend time nurturing your business and watch it reward you over and over. If you try it alone and fail you are more likely to quit. If you spend time with your team members and talk about your business challenges and successes you will find your way. Take 1 hour a day to dedicate for your business. Our team has meetings ONCE a month. Set aside 2 hours to view the collection in person! Join us this Monday to view the collection in person. See details below.

We formed friendships with team members and danced the night away!

It's your turn! View the fall line THIS MONDAY! RSVP HERE!

We are all booked for Season's 52 in Buckhead for this Monday!!! Come see the fall line, pick out what you want to order, get excited to book your trunk shows and we'll chat about the Rock The Summer Challenge!!!! Sign up to be a part of it asap-- it kicks off Monday:

Not in Georgia?

NO problem! Check the stylist lounge under events and see where Stella & Dot is showing the collection in town. Our Chief designer Blythe is conducting a product webinar on Tues. July 23rd and she will breakdown the inspiration of the new line. Bringing Hoopla Home- Product Webinar with Blythe
Join Here;

The start of a new year...

With Hoopla now over, we are at the beginning of our new fiscal year. I believe in you. I believe that you can earn what you want to earn and that you can promote yourself and build a team. What do you believe for yourself and your business with Stella & Dot?

I'm declaring my goals to each of you that I will promote to Star this year. I plan on taking our team to the leader board and that is by holding myself accountable. No more excuses. I have a trunk show to get ready for tonight so I will leave you with this quote from Marilyn Monroe:

Cheers to a New Year! Xoxo, Tosha

Now pick up that phone & book a Trunk Show!