Scholarly News

Room 314

November 18, 2013

Yeah! We have a full week! We only have 12 more days with our student teacher, Mrs. Lopez. Next week is a two-day week. There will not be a homework sheet next week.

On December 7th, Paradise Valley Community College will once again have their Festival of Tales. This is a fantastic event. I take my own children to it twice a year. It consists of storytelling, arts and crafts, games and FREE books! I will send more information as I receive it. If you are available that day, save the date for a really fun event!

Have a fantastic week!

3rd and 4th Grade Math

Last week we began representing multiplication in a number sentence: 1 x 3 = 3. We will describe this equation in relationship to groups and dots. For example, 1 x 3 = 3 means 1 group, 3 dots in a group, equal 3 dots in the whole. This week will super exciting for our math class! We will be working with division using dot diagrams and following the w(ding)=g equation. We will also be introducing TLC= think, list, create to solve multiplication or division word problems.

6th Grade Math

This week we will be working on finding the GCF of two or three numbers using the dot diagrams. Later on in the week we will be moving into understanding fractions using dot diagrams as well.

5th Grade Wilson Reading

On Monday we will finish substep 5.4. This works on combing all the syllable types into 3 or more syllables words. We will then move on to substep 5.5. This subtest introduces the unaccented-a, such as in the word "banana" or "alone." My plan is to post test step 5 on Friday. If they are not ready, we will wait until they are.

6th Grade Reading

We are having a blast getting to know Hank from I Got a D in Salami! This week we will continue our reading from chapter 12 to chapter 17. We will also be getting to know some of the characters a little better, the students will describe their characters personality and appearance in addition to discussing their characters relationship with Hank. We will also be creating a visual of our character. Fun,fun,fun.

1st Grade Reading

This week we will continue unit 4. This unit introduces the bonus letter. In English, when a one-syllable word ends in a f, l or s immediately after a short vowel, a second f, l or s is added to the end of the word. We will be working on using tapping for reading and spelling words with bonus letters. Our goal is to be charting the students’ fluency 2-3 times per week. Be sure to be working on the assigned probe each week. This week's probe is 12.

4th Grade Reading

We will start the week off with a special treat, we will read a News 2 you story on pandas! We will follow it up with a story to set the mood for Thanksgiving, "How To Pardon A Turkey!" We will close the week with Read Naturally.

6th Grade Writing

On Monday we introduced adverbs. We watched "School House Rock" Here is a link to the video. Last week we started revising our Catalina essays. The students are learning that revising does not mean the same as editing. Revising has to do with better word choice, reworking sentences, reordering sentences, etc. Editing is correcting spelling, punctuation and capitalization. After revising our essays, we will begin the editing process. We will follow that up with the writing of our final drafts. Our week will come to a close with an introduction to writing introductions. Each day we will continue to work with Four Level Grammar. This is a program that is being used throughout the school to immerse children in grammar. I have used this program for years and it is very effective and carries over to reading. We will spend 5-10 minutes a day on grammar.

2nd and 1st Grade Reading

In addition to our regular Wiilson Reading lessons, we will also be reading "How to Pardon a Turkey." In Wilson, we will continue substep 1.3 in Wilson. This substep continues with closed syllable words that also include digraphs. Please continue working on the fluency packet that was sent home a couple of weeks ago. Directions are on my website. Please practice the fluency packets at least twice a week. The more your child practices this packet, the more quickly your child will progress. Please do not skip this important part of homework.