Journal Entry 5

The Great Gatsby

chapter 5, pages 81-96

Chapter Summary

When Nick walks on one evening, he is startled by Gatsby by his house, in which he invites Nick to places, which he declines, knowing the reason. Nick speaks up, telling Gatsby that he will go and invite Daisy over, and to that Gatsby acts as if he tries to offer more things to Nick, to try and make him happy. During the meeting between the two, is at first awkward, but when Nick leaves he comes back finding each of the happy. At some point, Gatsby invites them over to his house, in which he shows off his shirt collection and has a man play the piano for them that lives in his house. While Nick, Gatsby and Daisy are together, the others seem to forget about Nick, which he takes that chance to escape, and head home.

Daisy Buchanan

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Her Qualities>>


-Married to Tom Buchanan

-Has a three year old daughter

-Speaks quietly, to bring people closer to her

-When she was younger, had a fling with Jay Gatsby

-Has a small like structure, almost sweet and innocent like

-Lives in East Egg

-Best Friends with golfer, Jordan Baker

-Knows about Tom's affair, but divorce was looked down upon then

Character summary::

Daisy grew up and became friends with Jordan and also having a little fling with Gatsby, and it ending not how they wanted. She told him that she would wait for him, but when Tom came along, sweeping her off her feet and meeting her needs, and she didn't end up waiting. While being with Tom, they had a child and they live in East Egg, the better part of the two. They often go and party, like most people and she tends to be the one to bring people into her, by usually talking quietly. She also is equip with a small structure, and having a sweet and innocent like part to her. Now although they are married, her husband, is having an affair with a women in New York, which she seems to know about, but she doesn't really have divorce as an option because it was often looked "down" upon.


"I'd like to just get one of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around"(94).

-Daisy says this, and it explains how she often is sweet and innocent like. Sometimes resembling a child, often pushed around like an object. Sometimes she is adult like, you can take her as an adult, while sometimes she acts just like a child.