Gay-Lussac's Law Lab

By Kayla Redenius

Information needed

Gay-Lussac's law is a relationship between temperature and pressure. Lussac's states that if the volume of a container is held constant as the temperature of the gas increases, the pressure inside the container will also increase. The equation for Lussac's law is P1/T1=P2/T2. The units for temperature MUST be in Kelvin or the equation won't work.


Things needed:

Hot water

Cold water

Room temperature water

Temperature Probe

Container with gas in it

How to do the lab:

Place the gas container into the different types of water and then see what the pressure and temperature does.


The lowest temperature has the lowest pressure (kPa)

The highest temperature has the highest pressure (kPa)

The constant of the values were all rounded to the same number


This is the data that my group collected.


Graph from the data


This is what the inside of the glass containers looks like.


In conclusion, this lab was based off of the relationship between temperature and pressure. throughout the lab there was the same type of gas and same amount of volume. The lowest temperature had the lowest pressure and the highest temperature had the highest pressure.