Homeostasis linked to systems?

All of the body's wonders linked to homeostasis! A.Martinez

What is Homeostasis and how does it work in our bodies?

Homeostasis is the body's tendency to keep balance. Homeostasis is very important in our bodies because without it, we wouldn't function properly at all!

The digestive system and homeostasis

What does it do here?

The digestive system would be pretty terrible without homeostasis. Think about it. Would you like to just throw up every minute because your digestive process isn't steady? I bet that wouldn't be too fun.

The digestive system relies on homeostasis to keep everything up and running in PROPER time order. Homeostasis not only helps keep everything in the digestive system running on time, it also makes all of the quantity processes in the system balanced. For example, without homeostasis, all of the food in your stomach might get sent to the excretory system when you can't take it all at once! If you know what i mean...

The circulatory system and Homeostasis

Steady blood flow in our bodies is crucial to our good health. Homeostasis in our circulatory system allows blood to flow steadily and at the pace it needs to in the appropriate times. It also prevents our blood to flow too fast or too slow in our bodies. Without homeostasis, some parts of our body would be getting TOO much blood, when some parts of our bodies are getting too LITTLE blood. Eventually, this would harm our bodies so much that we might not be able to live!

The nervous system working with Homeostasis

What if you are in the arctic, and your nervous system wacks out and thinks you are hot?

Don't think that would end well. Homeostasis in the nervous system pretty much secures our environmental reactions and interactions. The nervous system maintains homeostasis in your body purely with your interactions and reactions, but homeostasis needs to take place for the nervous system to function properly. for example, if homeostasis isn't maintained in your nervous system, your interactions and reactions would be very different and would make people judge your mental health.

In conclusion...

Homeostasis in your body is essential. Maintaining homeostasis is crucial to our good health and well being. Even though we don't control it, it's good to know that we have it there! Even if i only mentioned a few, homeostasis works with our WHOLE body and ALL of our body systems.


I used a website called Mader, they have lots of information on homeostasis and how it is used & maintained in the systems of our body. I didn't really use any other source besides this one.