S Nami Bog (God is With Us)

Country Facts

Russia is abbrivated by RU. The capitol is Moscow , which is also the largest city. The area is 6.602 million sqaured miles and the population is 143.5 million.

National Symbols

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National tree


Russian Flag

The flag was originally a sign that the merchant ships were Russia's and became the official flag in 1696.


Russia is Located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It is surrounded by Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Poland, North Korea, Finland, Belarus, Georgia, Norway, Mongolia, Estonia. Lativa, and Azerbaijan. In the North Eastern part of Russia there is a place called Siberia which is a frozen tundra.there are several mountain range that surround Russia that include volcanos.


The original culture in Russia is slavic. Soon the vikings came to Russia in the 11th century the Mongols invaded. Soon the Russians adopted a monarchy that was ruled by a monarch called a czar. In 1917 the czarist rule ended bringing up the rule of the Communist. Communism is a dictatorship that started with the ruler Lenin. When WW2 started the Soviet Union took over several countries while also experiencing several deaths. When the war ended Russia took over Eastern Germany. In 1991 the communist party fell and now the Russians are a democracy.


The economy is a market economy. Russia is in the industry of oil and gas, mining, processing precious stones and metals, automotive, and is also in agriculture.

People and Culture

Russia is popular for its ballet and art. The population of Russia consists of 77% of people of Russian decent while the rest of the population is from 190 different cultures. While Russian is the main language there is still 100 minority languages spoken. Most Russians follow the religion of Orthodox Christianity.


If you do go to Russia there are several sites to be seen. You can visit Kizhi Island, which is known for its open air museum, Saint Basil's Cathedral,which is a top tourist attraction, Gorky Park, which is an amusement park located in Moscow, Mt. Elbrus, or even the Trans-Siberian Railway.