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Principal's Weekly News 9/15/14

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It's a Marvelous Monday!

We celebrate our grade "A" acknowledgement by the Indiana Department of Education! As I expressed to our students and staff in a celebration announcement at the end of the day Friday: we are confident in what makes JSE the special place it is and proud to call it our school house each day! The incredible effort put in by our students, staff, and families make it what it is and to be given the grade of an "A" just makes last year's effort and hard work feel rightly complete. The most important factor in the JSE family "effort and hard work" is that it never stops! We continue to work together to perfect our programs, our teaching, our experiences, and our opportunities for the kids and families of JSE!

Proud to be a part of the Success,

Leigh Barnes


One of our teachers read around the world in education!

Third grade teacher, Mr. Dobitz is featured in an insightful scholastic article. We are excited to have you read and realize how essential each grade is to prepare for the next! Pass this information on to any families of preschool aged children.

Around the School House

Star reading levels are in and teachers are busy creating goals to stretch our students as readers. This means challenging our students at ALL levels to grow as readers. If you have any questions regarding your child's Star report please get in touch with your child's teacher. We are here to support you in growing your child as a reader too!

Progress Reports go home Thursday. This is an excellent gauge for you to see how your child is progressing thus far and what his or her areas of strength and weakness are. This is where our partnership is put to the test. How can you work with your teacher to address your child's needs at home and how can we support you in this challenge? If Please communicate with your child's teacher through e-mail, phone, or a conference.

Students in grades K-2 have started our anti-bullying program with Mrs. Fields, our home school adviser. Classroom lessons, JSE T.V. news, and our school house walls focus on bullying prevention. Students learn the various types of bullying and how to play an active role in stopping bullying. As always, if you ever have a concern please call Mrs. Fields directly.

Experiences outside the School House

Our fifth graders are back in classroom learning action! Our leadership 4th/5th grade wing was definitely not the same without them! Thank you again to our volunteer parents and teachers who took the time away from their families, jobs, and daily commitments to be present with our kiddos at Camp. Below is a picture taken from their hike. I just may have to put on my ol' hiking boots and join them next year!

Now our littlest people, our Kindergartners, leave us Wednesday for their very first field trip of school. I'm jealous as they avoid the crowds and experience one of my Fall favorites, County Line Orchard. I spoke with a Kindergarten student on Friday who had started the field trip count down:) Oh to be little again, the orchard experience through the eyes of a Kindergartner simply the heart warming!

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Thank you in advance for your support with our PTO's fall fundraiser. Due date for fundraiser is this Monday, the 22nd. The class selling the most will win the Pizza Party!

Important Dates:

4th and 5th grade Choir starts this week Thursday and Friday from 8:10-8:40a.m.

Progress Reports Go Home September 18th

Brownies and Books with Mrs. Barnes September 18th from 6:30 -7:30p.m.

Mobile Dentist September 17th at 9am (more information in Thursday Folders)

Family Day September 21st 2-4pm WHS

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Help us decide on the title of this newsletter!

This is a newsletter for your school house therefore you should be involved in naming it! I will change the name each week until I run out of ideas and then I will send out a survey for you to cast your vote. In the meantime, if you have a clever name please

e-mail it my way.