Coyote Creek News

June 29th

School's Out

The 2012/2013 is now over and our school community had an opportunity at our June 27th year end assembly to say good-bye to staff, celebrate student and school accomplishments of the last year and send our students off to have a safe summer break.

Now, it's time to focus our energies on the new school year starting in September. Our school population is continuing to grow at Coyote Creek and we are anticipating 620 students being here in September, up from the 595 students registered today.

We are excited to introduce the following staff members to Coyote Creek School. While the specific grade could change, as of June 29th.........................

Amber Boieeie Grade 4/5

Sharon Hall Grade 3

Shauna Bauck Grade 2/3

Deanna Yokota Grade 2

Allison Wilander Grade 1/2

Monita Prasad Grade 1

Diana Robertson Grade 1

Ravinder Bhangu Learner Support

Meghan Black Grade 3/4

Courtenay Sorge Grade 6/7

Kimberly Sturn Library

Ann Blades Kindergarten

Christian Oskam Grade 5/6

Ferdinand Bredenholler Band

Also, returning from Maternity Leave

Andrea Breda Grade 2

Harpreet Ludu/Juli Oldham Grade 6

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Summer

See You Back in September!