Noticing Zero

a discription of Zero

The characters appearence

Zero is character in a novel called Holes.He has dark curly dark hair,with a wide mouth is short kid, and is African American.

The Characters Actions

Zeros actions in pg .37he finish digging his hole 46 Zero was reading over Stanly's shoulder. in pg. 78 Zero was sifting the sand for anything that gold

What the Character Says

In pg. 82 Zero says you dont have to teach me how to write just read. In pg.46 Zero says did the shoes have red X's on the back? In pg. 75 he says whats so funny?

what others say about the charaters

In pg. 18 they say that theirs nothing in his head. pg. 37hes the weirdest kid i ever 19 they say he may not have a real name.