Taking Flight

The "golden age" of aviation advancements

New engine design allows for bigger and faster airplanes

In 1925, the introduction of a new air-cooled radial engine marked a new era of rapid advancement for aviation.

The Wright R-790, designed by Giuseppe Mario Bellanca, is now known as the "first truly reliable aircraft engine". Producing more than 200 horsepower, these engines allowed for larger, heavier, more fuel efficient and faster airplanes. One of the more notable designs being the Ford Trimotor, which allows up to 8 passengers.

Ford Does It Again

With the Model T slowly losing its Edge in the automobile market, Henry ford and his team have come out with a brand new, re-designed vehicle. The Model A! These new cars will be produced in Ford's new Rouge Plane, which is one of the worlds largest factories. Thus new factory will not only produce the new Model A's, It'll also produce steel, glass and tires.

Jazz Hands

Jazz, only recently making its way into popular culture has exploded in popularity! And along with it, a new era or music and dancing. Although this new form of music is widely popular, many still see it as immoral and wrong, and view this music as a a threat to our "traditional values and culture".
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