Gun safety

should the gun ownership in Texas be dropped from 21 to 18?

first side of the argument (people that say yes)

The gun ownership in Texas should be lowered to 18 because at the age of 18 the law says that you are considered an adult."The State House of Representatives voted earlier this year to allow children over the age of 18 to use a pistol, revolver or the ammunition with parental supervision" . so in my opinion you should have the right to carry a gun on you just like in adult would at the age of 21. "Some states like Texas require locked storage of guns or trigger locks to be sold with the handguns" i also believe that there would probably be less accidental killings if we had protection for the guns themselves and should give people over 18 gun safety education courses that last up to 6 months if not a year."Proper gun safety should,include educating children about the dangers of firearms if it was not used in a proper manner and the consequences that could be taken"

other side of argument (people who say no)

The gun ownership shouldn't be lowered like some disagreeing people say. The people who think that the gun ownership shouldn't be lowered think that at the age of 18 there brains haven't fully developed so that might get the idea of going to shoot someone or rob a bank just because they are at the age to own a gun. "an accidental death of an instructor at an Arizona shooting range, killed while teaching a 9-year-old girl to fire a fully automatic Uzi" That's why some people disagree with lowering the age to own a gun because kids are still erasable and big accidents like these could happen. "Children under 16 must be closely supervised by a legal guardian or parent"