MAAP Spring 2016 Cohort

Murray Academic Achievers Program (GUI 098-1)

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Murray Academic Achievers Program

MAAP, sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), is an individualized self-assessment approach designed to help you enhance your academic experience at Murray State University. MAAP provides you with an analytical educational plan for academic success. By participating in MAAP you will learn what your academic potential and capabilities are through a series of assessments related to your academic, socio-cultural, and/or personal needs.

Benefits of Participating in MAAP

· Individualized plan for academic progress and success

· Individualized plan for managing curricular & co-curricular activities

· Help with study skills, note-taking, and time management, etc.

· Support from faculty and staff dedicated to your success

How to get involved with MAAP

To participate in MAAP, you must enroll in GUI 098-1 XLeader Scholars CRN: 16303 (1 credit). Enrollment in GUI O98-1 XLeader Scholars is by permission only. The class meets on Tuesdays from 5:00pm-6:00pm and is limited to 25 students. Please respond to this email by Friday, January 15, 2016, with your intent to enroll in the course to receive permission to take the class. You will need to attend the MAAP Orientation on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, at 5:00pm. Bring a copy of your Spring 2016 class schedule to the orientation.

Don’t pass on this opportunity to invest in your academic future. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at 270-809-6836 or via email at We are located on the first floor of the Curris Center in room 110.

MAAP Enrollment Form

Please complete this short form to enroll in MAAP and to get Permission to enroll in GUI 098-1 XLeader Scholars CRN: 16303

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did I get the invitation to join MAAP?

Students are invited to MAAP once it is determined that they can benefit from the program. Both high achieving students and students challenged academically are invited to MAAP.

Does MAAP/GUI 098-1 count toward graduation?

No, GUI 098-1 is a one credit pass/fail course that does not count towards graduation, Students are allowed to take up to 6 GUI credits for a grade during their undergraduate career.

I'm not doing well academically, but I don't have time to do extra stuff.

MAAP emphasizes self-enhancement or self-help. Once you are assessed and provided a plan of recommended activities, you are expected to follow through or act on those assessment recommendations.

Remember, your plan will focus only on your needs; however, it may be recommended that you attend and participate in special events that are designed to benefit MAAP participants (i.e., leadership conferences, corporate visits, cultural entertainment, etc.).

Class meets every other week and is only worth 1 credit hour. Do I have to attend?

Yes, class attendance is directly related to academic success. MAAP works on a voluntary system and requires your active participation in all program components. Not only are you provided a plan for success, but in MAAP you are also offered an array of networking opportunities on and off campus. These additional opportunities are available to you throughout the semester.

What is the "Plan"?

Your individual plan may outline your cognitive strengths and weaknesses in the basic skills (such as reading, writing, and math) or study skills in note taking and time management, as well as non-cognitive skills in leadership or assertiveness. The assessments or tests are valid standardized methods for measuring and evaluating your current level of ability.

Do you have to study in MAAP?

Yes. The study tables are a requirement in MAAP and allow for peer interaction, course review, feedback, and understanding.

What is the Faculty/Student interaction in MAAP?

Part of your academic performance is greatly influenced by your classroom experience. Your assertiveness in class through preparation and active participation can only enhance your relationship with your instructor and will reflect your overall grade. A point difference in the grading scale can mean the difference between grades “A” and “B,” depending on your participation. Your classroom progress, syllabus, instructor’s lecture style, text materials, attendance, participation, grading, etc., need to be frequently discussed with your instructor.

Do I still need my Academic Adviser if i join MAAP?

Frequent sessions with your academic adviser are mandatory in MAAP. Your adviser can assist you in many ways, such as course scheduling and planning, curriculum, or major change and support on your behalf should you experience academic difficulties or have other concerns. Also, they are a viable resource in career preparation, planning, and placement.

What is the Research Phase in MAAP?

Your initial introduction to MAAP begins with the rapport process. This includes program articulation, philosophy, goals and objectives, policies and procedures, assessments, staff, contractual agreements and other relative forms.

What is the Assessment Phase in MAAP?

Once the research is completed, the data collected will serve as indicators for selecting the appropriate assessments. The assessments include a variety of tests in academic, socio-cultural, and personal areas. Each assessment recommended is explained in detail (purpose, use and results) so that you understand the type of testing you are expected to undergo.

What is the Planning Phase in MAAP?

Your plan form will be filled out once your assessments are completed and will outline specific activities for you to implement. These recommended activities are explained in detail so that you fully understand the benefits and expected results.

The categories are academic, socio-cultural, and personal. Your plan is confidential to you, your unit leader, and the OMA professional staff. All data detailing grades are confidential between you and the OMA professional staff. FERPA Regulations are strictly enforced.

What is the Implementation Phase in MAAP?

You, along with the assistance of MAAP staff, make contact with the appropriate resources, as outlined in your recommendation. All resource persons will be available to assist you and answer any questions. The MAAP coordinator will communicate frequently with the resource persons, as you progress, and provide you with feedback as needed or requested.

You are expected to communicate openly and freely with your resource contacts. Your rapport with these professionals may prove beneficial to your progress and provide a foundation for starting your professional network.

What kind of workshops are required in MAAP?

There are an array of interesting workshops planned for the year that require attendance or participation. MAAP also utilizes online workshops to accommodate busy schedules. Although you are only required to attend those workshops that are directly related to your need, we encourage you to attend others for learning experience. All workshops will be facilitated by on and off campus resources, unit leaders, or MSU faculty and staff.

Does MAAP work with other areas on campus?

Yes. Your packet will contain a list of organizations, campus activities, and support services. MAAP acts as a referral service to help you become better acclimated to campus resources. If you have an interest regarding campus participation or involvement, express your interest to your unit leader or to one of the MAAP professional staff members.

How is MAAP Coordinated?

The Director of Multicultural Affairs coordinates MAAP, oversees your progress, and will meet with you bi-weekly to assure that you are on task. This monitoring provides data and input so that the OMA staff can better support and serve you.

MAAP Refusal Form

Please complete the MAAP Refusal Form if you DO NOT wish to participate in MAAP and WOULD NOT like future emails about the MAAP program