Lantrip Living

February 25th-March 1st

Upcoming Events and Dates

March 1 - End of 4th Six Week Period.  March 1 - LISDOLA - information to come home on Monday.

An important date to put on your calendar is March 7th. This is Open House. We are working very hard on Open House items. You will not see many graded papers coming home.

Just Curious Section

I would like some feedback on homework.  I feel homework is a reflection of what we are working on in class.  Please let me know your thoughts about first grade homework.  Is it just right, not enough, too much, etc.  Please do not think this means it will come to an end.  I would like to know how much time you are spending on it.  Thank you for this input.

Next Week Happenings

Spelling - Will be outside words to celebrate LISDOLA.  Each student will have the same words.Reading - Texas and CowboysScience - Weather Project