The Hero's Journey

Common Patterns in Hero Myths

Learning Targets

  1. I can gain an understanding of the common patterns in hero myths.
  2. I can gather important details to determine the gist of an excerpt of the text "The Hero's Journey."
  3. I can describe one stage of "The Hero's Journey" to the other members of my class.
  4. I can make connections between "The Hero's Journey" and The Lightning Thief.

Video Introduction

The Hero's Journey

Close Reading: "The Hero's Journey"

As you read...

  • Annotate the text as we read it together.
  • Stop and Jot important connections to The Lightning Thief.
  • Add examples from other texts you have read or movies you have seen.
  • Write the gist of the selection.
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JIGSAW Small Group Activity: Stages All Heroes Go Through

Work with your group to create a visual representation of "The Hero's Journey" stage you were assigned. This may be done as a collaborative Google Doc/Slide/Drawing or a poster.

Be sure to include the following:

  • The name of the hero stage you're describing.
  • Images that represent the details of this hero stage.
  • A good connection to The Lightning Thief.
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