Fashion 101 Blog

By: Abby Doll

Me, Myself, and I

Hi! My name is Abby doll and I am a student at Delta Woods Middle School. I take a fashion/interior design class, and I'm here to share all the wonderful information I have learned this Semester. I Enjoy designing, creating my own styles, and most importantly standing out!

Fashion History

Sketching and Design

Sketches are a great way that you can outline and rough draft what you want to design. I love sketching and planning out outfits. By sketching and designing you can try out different types of outfits and cool new ways you want dress you or someone else.

interior design

Interior design helps you plan out a room and make it your own style. By simple tricks of the colors in your room, the stuff you hang on the walls, and the layout of your furniture you can achieve a personalized and created room. This is a video clip of one of the shows we watched called "fixer upper".

Sewing Construction

With sewing construction we learned the basics of sewing like threading a needle, tying a knot, and how to do a simple hand sewing. Here is a picture of a hand sewing project we did in class.
Big image

Advertising and Marketing

In advertising and marketing we learned to use bright colors, endorsements, and bold words to grab the attention of consumers that you want to buy your product. We also learned about how sometimes advertisements can trick you into buying a product. This is a video on how to avoid getting tricked by advertisements.
Buy Me That Too: A Kid's Survival Guide to TV Advertising (Part 1/2)