Changes In Motion

"Newton's laws of motion,Momentum,Weightlessness, action-R

Newton's laws of motion:

1st law: A object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion will remain in motion until an Unbalanced force acts on it.

examples: A ball on a bus and a roller coaster(shown below)

2nd law: Acceleration depends on the Mass and the net force applied to it.

Examples: Pushing a car and a ball rolling on a long curve

3rd law: Every action has a equal and opposite reaction force.

Examples: Air coming out a balloon and people pushing on each other

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The quantity of motion affecting on an object.Examples: hitting a baseball with a bat and striking a colored ball with a pool ball and stick
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The absence of any observable effects of gravitation.

Examples: Sky diving and weighing yourself when falling

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Action-Reaction force:

Every action has a equal and opposite action force. (shown above)Examples: Balloon flying around while losing air and people pushing on each other.