Ungifted Book Project

Newspaper by: Owen Lauver


The Book Ungifted by Gordan Korman takes place in a small town with many characters and has a huge amount of wonderful and exciting events. This Book takes place in the early 2,000's and is quite funny.
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Donovan Curtis was the main character of Ungifted. Before he accidentally got put into the academy for gifted students he was a prankster that was never up to good. After he was put into the academy he became a lot smarter and began to turn into a new person.

Dr. Schultz was the superintendent of the academy and the regular middle school. He was fairly nice and was very busy. Chloe Garfinkle was one of Donovan's many new friends at the academy and was nice, smart, and had a big crush on Donovan. Mr. Osborne was the robotics teacher at the academy. He was nice and wanted to push Donovan to new limits. Noah Youkilis was another one of Donovan's friends. He was the smartest person at the academy and basically new everything. He had an IQ of 206. Katie was Donovan's sister who had a husband in Afghanistan who was fighting for the U.S.A. Finally Abigail Lee was Donovan's enemy at the academy who had a lot of hatred towards Donovan because she knew he didn't belong at the academy.

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The book Ungifted first starts off with Donovan and his two friends in front of the Hard Castle middle school. Donovan was a prankster that liked to humiliate people and destroy anything he wanted to. He picked up a big tree branch off the ground and walked over to the statue in front of the school. He swung at it like he was holding a baseball bat and the next thing he knew the globe that the man was holding in the statue came tumbling down the street and into the Hard Castle gym. Donovan and his two friends ran home and didn't want to stay in front of the school any longer. The next day when they got back to school everyone was talking about how somebody sabotaged the gym and how the globe almost killed people. While Donovan was in class, Dr. Schultz the superintendent was trying to find out who was responsible for causing the insane catastrophe. He was talking to staff in the school and he called Donovan to the office because he knew Donovan was ever up to good. Donovan didn't confess to anything, but Dr. Schultz wrote his name down on a paper because he thought that Donovan was somehow involved with it. A few minutes later after Dr. Schultz left somebody from the office took the paper on accident thinking it was theirs. Next, Donovan was called down to the office after school because they told him he was being sent to the academy for gifted students. Donovan was confused because he was gifted, but Dr. Schultz accidentally wrote Donovan's name down on a paper that was saying who was going to be moved up to the academy. The next day, Donovan rode the bus to the academy and when he got there he was very surprised. Everything was fancy and hi tech. He was shown around the school and was put in Mr. Osborne's class. Mr. Osborne was the robotics teacher and was Donovan's homeroom teacher.
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Plot #2

As Donovan went through his many classes each day he was almost failing every class. He didn't understand what he was being taught and he wasn't enjoying it at all. Just as everybody was thinking he wasn't gifted at all he was starting to try in robotics. Most of the time he just found pictures to put on the robot, but no one was really impressed by his findings on the internet. One day when the kids in Mr. Osborne's class was running a course with the robot practicing for the big event that they really wanted to win Donovan wanted to control the robot so they gave him a chance. Everyone was blown away with his skills because no one was as good as him controlling the robot. When it finally came to the big event and everyone was excited. When it was the academy's turn to try and run the course for the fastest time one of the other team's robot purposely bumped into their robot and made them fall behind. The next thing they knew, the gym turned into chaos when people started to shout and scream because a team cheated to win. Eventually students from the academy ran to the other school's robot and destroyed it with a chair.On the same day was over Donovan was kicked out of the school because he wasn't gifted and he cheated on a retest to stay in the school. Donovan wasn't happy going back to the regular middle school because people made fun of him and he was caught for destroying the statue. Many days later he was back to normal life, but this time he gave up on pranks.


This book was my favorite book i have read this year and it is very action packed. It contains funny, sad, and scary moments. Ungifted also made me very happy because it was such a great book.


I recommend this book to any reader that would want to enjoy a story about someone in middle school that has quite an interesting life. This was a great book!