Christiaan Huygens

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about christiaan huygens

Christiaan Huygens was born on 14th of April 1629 and died in 1695 he was Dutch. He grew up in an important family.He studied as an astronomer,physics and became a mathmatiton.
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On march 25th 1655 Christian Huygens had discovered one of the many moons Titan of Saturn the 6th planet in our remarkable solar system. Titan is 5,150km in area. Voyager 1 has had a visit. This moon orbits Saturn with many more moons.

Christiaan Huygens is a vast explorer of our solar system and wanted to know more and more about what's around him so he drew a map of Mars surface and outer of planet of Mars' land and atmosphere by a map the hand drew

His lifetime 1629 to 95 he studied the rings of Saturn and what they were made of and described them in detailed ways. He took many view and notes of them to find out what they were made were made of.

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Technologies used at the time

The life span of Christian Huygens was 1629-1695 so technology at that time was not that great. Christian Huygens is used to do telescopic studies. He used to test the sizes of the lens so that he would see greater or less. He worked on this with his brother. this is how he got the seeing to Discover Titan one of the many moons of Saturn.

Understanding of our solar system

Christiaan Huygens has had many discovery and used many technologies in his live time. He has this theory about light he Evan illustrated his oun book called theory of light christiaan Huygens.