Benedict Arnold

Sophia Uitenbroek


January 14th, 1741

Famous for:

Betraying the Americans by making them think he was on their side, Then letting the British win West Point.

Three important facts

1. Benedict Arnold fought in the french and Indian war before he fought in the revolution.

2. Benedict became a double agent in the middle of the war.

3. Benedict was a bossy and greedy man. He wanted people to do what he wanted them to do. He was very picky about getting his way.

Family Life

Benedict Had a very rough life. When he was sent away to school with his many siblings, they all caught the yellow fever and died.

When Benedict was just about to begin his early life, his mom died.

When Benedict was 20 years old, his father got lonely and moved on to the next life.

Benedict's sister Hannah was his only remaining family.

Role 1 in the Revolution

Benedict was an Ardent Patriot. He would do anything for his fellow Americans.

Role 2 in the Revolution

When Benedict met Ethan Allen, he got angry and challenged him to a duel. They ended up with a minor fist fight. This little thing turned Benedict into a double agent.

Role 3 in the Revolution

Benedict had decided that Patriots were annoying and dangerous to the colonists and the Crown. He fully jumped out of his blue suit, and into his red coat.

Fort Ticonderoga

Benedict went back to make a deal with his old friend Ethan Allen. He rode up on his white horse, wearing his red coat boldly. He asked Ethan if him and his boys* would attack Fort Ticonderoga with him. They agreed, and attacked that night. It only took little effort to take over the fort. This whole thing wasn't a trick. Benedict actually didn't like the fort.

* Ethan Allen led a group called The Green Mountain Boys.

So is Benedict a patriot or a loyalist?

It is hard to tell if he was a loyalist or not, but Benedict Arnold was a loyalist. He spent the next few years leading the British through battle with the title of a British brigadier general.

Life after the Revolution

Benedict moved to England with his second wife Margret (he married an earlier Margret in 1761) and his 10 children: Benedict Arnold II; Freelove; Caleb; Oliver; Josiah; Damaris; Priscilla; William; Penelope; and Godsgifte.

Character Trait: Disloyal

He sided with the British at the end of the war, leaving his fellow Patriots behind.


Ardent Patriot: a patriot who would do ANYTHING for their freedom.

Brigadier: a military rank.

Double agent: a person who pretends he/she is on one side when they really are on the other. (spying)

Yellow fever: a sickness kind of like plague.