Vietnam Assignment

David Fomby & Collin Johnson

"Thanks" and "In the Field" Summary

"Thanks" was written from the perspective of a soldier who experienced the war. It was saying that he was thankful for the small things that kept him alive despite the huge amount of violence and death surrounding him. All the opportunites for death that he faced yet there was always something there, perhaps by coincidence, saving him from death.

"In the Field" was a chapter about looking for a missing fellow soldier. During the night the men faced fire from the enemy and ended up losing a man named Kiowa. The men searched through the debris, mud, and water trying to locate their missing friend. Several of the men felt that they were responsible for his death, but in the end all that mattered was not leaving their beloved friend lost in the field.

Important Passages

"Thanks" - "Thanks for the tree between me & a sniper's bullet. I don't know what made the grass sway seconds before the Viet Cong raised his soundless rifle" (1-5). This passage is important to the reading as a whole because it explains that the author is thankful for the small things that occurred that helped result in him surviving.

"In the Field" - "He would not lose a member of his command like this. It wasn't right. Kiowa had been a fine soldier and a fine human being, a devout Baptist, and there was no way Lieutenant Cross would allow sucha good man to be lost under the slime of a shit field" (163). This passage is important to the reading as a whole because it gave insight to the feeling of the "leader" and how he was not willing to leave the man in the field, how he was going to do anything to find him so he could rest in peace.

Discussion Questions

These authors are trying to convey to the reader that war is very risky and dangerous. The authors are letting the reader know that there are situations of making choices, and the choices that you make may have an impact on the outcome of their own life story. They demonstrate that war can make you thankful for the little things. The authors also demonstrate that in a time of war, men will do anything to stand up for what they think is right.
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Image Analysis

The image that we chose reflects on what he have read becuase it shows how the soldiers are not leaving their men behind. It portrays soldiers helping carry out a man that appears to be injured.
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son

Connection to Media

The song Fortunate Son is about how the wealthy people got out of the war and the unfortunate and not so wealthy people had to go to fight in the war. This connects to when we talked about our Fallen Angels project and the meaning behind the song. It is about the unfair circumstances that faced many Americans.