After a Rainstorm

By Robert Wrigley preformed Bethany Balint

Taking a Walk at Midnight

It's midnight. A horse trots up to you, nudging your arm. You pet their long nose. The horse can't hear you, it doesn't understand the words coming out of your mouth. You talk none the less, and the horse seems to listen, to understand. You think of a place where the horse can actually understand you. Where horses run free not bind by the fence in front of them. Robert Wrigley uses his own much more majestic words to get that idea across.

That they might awaken from this strange dream, In which there are fences and stables and a man Who doesn't know a single word they understand

What to expect

After a Rainstorm has a very somber tone. As if you are logging for a better place that you saw once upon a dream.

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