Pop Tarts

Frosted brown cinnamon sugar

Who makes your product? Kellogg Company

  1. How much is your product worth? What are you basing this on? (Explain what the number you found means and where you found it)

Worth: $481million- based on the average amount of profit made from pop-tarts in 2013

Where is the product “made” or “assembled”

Pop-Tarts are made in factories all across the United States but most Pop-Tarts are made in Searcy, Arkansas

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Group member ingredients

  1. Where is the ingredient produced

Kym: Flour- Most flour is produced in the US, however most of the wheat is grown in Canada and shipped to the US.

Kym: High Fructose Corn Syrup: Produced mainly in the US. Made out of corn which is also widely grown in the United States

Alex: Palm Oil: Made and grown primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia

Alex: Cinnamon: produced in Sri Lanka

Tony: Wheat Starch: Canada and Australia and then made into starch in the US

Tony: gelatin- Western Europe, north america, and Latin america

2. What is the minimum wage in the country or countries where the ingredient is produced

Flour- USA minimum wage: depends on the state, although most are

around $7.75

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Same as flour

Palm Oil: Malaysia: (in US dollars) $1.25 per hour

Indonesia: (US dollars) $0.56 per hour

Wheat Starch: Australia min wage: $17.39 Canada: $10.25

Gelatin: min wage: 8.5 euros Germany, France min wage: $12.22

3. What is the GDP per capital in the country or countries where the ingredients is produced

Flour: GDP for USA (2013) 29.1%

HFCS: Same as above

Palm Oil: Malaysia: 27.3%

Indonesia: 29%

Canada: 40.4%

Australia: 49.4%

Germany: 10%

France: 53%

How many countries are involved in the production of your product (group members findings as well )