The Instigator of Romeo and Juliet

Who is to blame for this?

I think Romeo Is at fault for everything.

I believe Romeo is at fault for the conflicts in the story. The reasons I think that is 1. He is the love drunk who desires for love. In the beginning of the story Romeo is upset that his girlfriend broke up with him. After his weeping Mercutio told him to go to the Capulet dance to see her and to relax. But instead of him making up with her he spots Juliet. Shakespeare wrote,¨Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.¨ Just after seeing Juliet he believes he had not loved until that moment, which is 15 minutes after he was crying that he just lost the love of his life.

Reason 2

After just meeting Juliet he asked her for marriage. Just after meeting her he pulled her aside and started talking to her about love and life. But he later sneaks over the wall dividing the two monarchs. After he scaled the wall he sits there and watches her talk to her self then to climb a tree so they could talk and then he says "Lady, by yonder blessèd moon I vow,That tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops " telling her i will ask for marriage by 9o'clock tomorrow and to wait for him.

Reason 3

Romeo killed Tybalt in revenge of Mercutio. Shakespeare wrote,¨This day’s black fate on more days doth depend.This but begins the woe others must end.¨ This is saying that romeo slayed Tybalt just to even the score. With Romeo doing so he has now gotten himself banished from the town for killing a man even though he killed someone first. Even though it seemed fair the people of the town thought differently. After they had decided that Romeo should be banished Juliet starts to think of suicide and just hoping to join Romeo.

Opposite Point of View

Many people might think that Friar or Juliet caused all the problems. But if you were to think about all that those two did vs. Romeo, Romeo would still come out on top. Yes Juliet was stupid to marry a guy she just met a few hours ago and Friar also knew that it wouldn't be the best for the two groups. Even though he still did it anyways but that's not what caused the major problem.The major problem was that Romeo was impulsive, for example he broke up with a girl and then found a new girl, killed Tybalt to avenge Mercutio, and killed himself thinking that Juliet was dead even though she was sleeping. This caused Juliet to kill herself also to be with Romeo.