Ancient Egypt

by; Layla Epperson

Nile River

The Nile river is so important because it had cataracts and the cataracts made it harder for the invades to cross the Nile river. /

Religion of ancient Egypt.

Mummification related to ancient Egyptain religion believe in god. and focused on the afterlife death. Pharaohs are related to ancient egyptian religion by pharaohs are speacal person that did good things to make Egypt the way it is.


The ancient egyptain Pharoah is the tittle given to the ancient Egytain kings who ruled Egypt for over 3000 years. Pharaoh percevied by the ancient Egyptians as being both a human and a living deity.


The mummification is a body of something.Mummification were an Egyption who could afford to pay for the expensive process.

Pyramid of Giza

The Giza Pyramid was built between 2686 and 2667 BC. The great pyramid of Giza was a tomb of an Egyptian.In this pyramid he was sure to include above ground burial chambers.


Menes rose power in the upper Egypt. Some historians think Menes is a myth and that his accomplishments were really those of another ancient kings named Aha, Scorpion. He the first lawgiver. He was also a founded of a lot of cites.


Khufu is the most famous Pharaoh of the old kingdom. He ruled in the 2500's even though he is famous we know relatively little about Khufu life. He built the great pyrimid. And did alot of good deeds


Thutmose built the Napolean of Egypt and was responsible for the of golden great peace.