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: White Chicks

By Keenen Ivory Wayans

These two guys are agents for the FBI and they have to keep the Wilson sisters safe from a kidnapping plot. T hey had to become the Wilson sisters and stay under cover, but in the process they get some ¨problems!¨


Headline & Story:

Soft Drinks

The first person to make a soft drink was Joseph Priestley. He named it Lemonade. Then from past years we have evolved into making Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola & Pepsi. Soft drinks even turned into diets like Diet Pepsi, Diet Coca-Cola and Diet Dr. Pepper. The inventor of Pepsi is Caleb Bradham and Charles Elmer Hires invented Root beer. There may not be all of the soft drinks in every fountain, but trust me, there are so many different sodas. All of this started when Joseph Priestley was mixing ingredients.

I´m Rosalynna Santillan and this is soft drinks today.