What is Demand?

Demand is.....

Demand is the quanity of a product that customers want to buy. For example if a new games console came out, they will only make a limited amount and then people will start to demand for more.

More about Demand!

Demand is a fuction of getting people to try and then getting them to stay. In other words. In other words, product trial and repeat purchase. The weakness in this approach is that advertising is an expensive way to get customers to try and there is a risk of losing them IF the image is not right for repeat purchase.

Fashion and Taste

Fashion changes all the time and there is loads of things in-fashion at the moment Clothes, Toys, Games, Game Consles and even TV'S. A bad thing about fashion is  that it is only in fashion for Months or even weeks because of this companies make new things all the time so they don't fall behind in fashion.