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March 4, 2016

Volume 3, Number 26

"When they see us having fun, it's like a feeding frenzy. Everyone wants to join in."-FISH Philosophy

What's happening, WMS?

Starfish of the week...

From Mike MacOwen to Kathy Owen. She seems to always "make someones day' through decorating or posting athletic teams.

From Tom Dickerson to Andrew Wilson for "being there" when students and staff need him. His willingness to help students and his eagerness to find new ways to help both student and staff is greatly appreciated. In addition...I'm very envious of his hairdo.

Lesson Plan Green Binders:

Are you still keeping your green binders up to date?


March 8 School Board Meeting 5:30 pm Warrior Room at WHS

March 8, 10, 11 American Fidelity S125 representative will be at WMS

March 11 Faculty Meeting 7:40

March 13 Daylight Saving Starts---Change you clocks!

March 14 Fire Drill 8:20 am

March 15 Band and Choir Concert 6th, 7th, 8th grade

March 17 St. Patrick's Day.....WEAR GREEN!!!

March 18 Team Leader Meeting (7:15 Darla's Room)

March 18 IDOE Outreach Visit (rescheduled from a snow day)

March 18 7th JA in a Day

March 22 Tornado Drill 10:15 am

March 25 NO SCHOOL! Good Friday.

March 29/30 8th grade Ivy Tech/Finance Park trip


Thank you to everyone and your flexibility with the schedule changes.

Schedule Overview

Here is what is left...

Monday, March 7, ELA Session 2a/2b

Tuesday, March 8 will be 6th grade Science and 7th grade Social Studies (online)

Make-ups...The ISTEP window closes March 11.


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March 2 Chris Noel

March 7 Carla Stone

SMART START Wednesday's

All Smart Starts will start promptly at 7:40 am every Wednesday morning.

March 9-Intro to Your Device (If devices are ready)...if not...revisit FISH Philosophy and Google Site minimal expectations.

Homeroom Writing Prompt

Be sure to use the RATS Model (Emphasize the R and the A).

Writing Prompt:

I saw a falling star, I wish...

From the Desk of .sJ

Pre/Post Break

Earlier this week I was speaking with a staff member about our week without kids. We were joking about how the week off means more to kids than to adults, but it does mean something to adults. When I asked how the kids had been during the first part of the week, the teacher had mentioned that the kids were a bit ‘squirrely’. Again we laughed about it for a moment, until we both realized that the students had not been a part of school rules and procedures for an unexpected amount of time and that they may need some reminders to help break the bad habits they fell into while not at school with staff members to remind them of what needs to be done.

I read this article, How to Manage your Classroom after Spring Break, and I found it containing good information that pertains to the topic I was speaking with the teacher about. Although it’s not Spring Break yet (but it’s coming close!!!!), the information is good for our unexpected breaks.

School Safety Response #10

Last week’s School Safety scenario was about a propped open door, and you didn’t do the propping. The most appropriate response would be to immediately remove the item propping the door. Next, it would be appropriate to notify an administrator. One of the items not thought about often is that you should not bring your students in until being cleared by administration.

Have a great weekend,

Shawn J
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