Computer Software Engineer

"I Want That Job" Career Highlight

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What Do You Do?

I create software for specific purposes and specific hardware. I also fix bugs in existing software and try to improve it. I work with computer programmers as well as clients to solve problems or make programs for things like AI in video games. The software I make allows people to communicate with each other and computers more easily.

What should you concentrate on in school?

Being a Software Engineer is actually not that difficult. Most complanies will only hire Engineers with a bachelor's degree in computer science or other technology degree. In high school you should focus on math, computers and english. This will help you while coding and bug fixing as well as communicating with clients and programmers.

What are the details of your employment?

Most Software Engineers make aroung $96,000 a year and work about 40 or 50 hours a week. There is a large demand for software engineers and there is a 21% job growth meaning that you are very likely to get a job. Expect to get a job from companies like EA, Apple, and Seagate.
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