Huffman Elementary

Fourth Grade Newsletter - January 2016

Welcome 2016!

I hope everyone had a great break and ready to start this new year with a lot of fun and learning in fourth grade! We are so excited to welcome back your children to our classrooms.
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Just a Couple of Reminders....

1. All papers go home on Thursdays in their Thursday folders, so don't forget to check your child's folder and return it each Friday.

2. All homework will be written in the agenda on Monday morning for the entire week.

3. Please send a healthy dry snack that your child can open independently. It would be really helpful if you could separate it from their lunchbox so they can find it easily. Good choices are goldfish, pretzels, ritz crackers, chex mix, dried fruit, jerky, cheese sticks, cheese its, graham crackers, dry cereal, granola bars, saltines, veggie chips/straws, vanilla waffers, animal crackers, cracker sandwiches (i.e. cheese & crackers) and fruit/veggie pouches. No chips, no cookies and no candy please!

4. You child is welcome to have a water bottle in the class. Please try to make sure it is one that will not sweat and is easy for them to open. No juice or milk please!

5. ABSENCES If your child is absent . . .

  • Call the school office AND
  • Send a note the following day stating the reason and dates of absences.

Dates to Remember!

January 5th - Welcome back to school students

January 5th - 9th- Science Map Test

January 11th - 15th - College Week - more details to come!

January 13th - Optional Science Fair projects due to schol

January 14th - Huffman Science Fair

January 14th - Written Spelling Bee

January 15th - Spelling Bee

January 27th - PRACTICE Writing STAAR Test

Essential Questions for January:

Essential questions are probing questions we use the in classroom. When talking to your student see if they can answer any of these questions!


  • Why do words and images matter?
  • How do I understand what I read?
  • ​How can I effectively communicate ideas?

  • ​How can I make a connection between what I know and what I read?

Texas History:

  • Whose story is this?
  • Why does point-of-view matter?
  • Why do people settle in a specific place?
  • How does geography affect how people live?

  • How do maps reflect history?


  • How can you use money wisely?
  • How do you decide if this is something you want or need?


  • What conditions create a change?
  • How do humans depend on Earth's resources?
  • What effect do people have on the environment?

What we are learning in 4th grade this month!


The students will be developing their reading comprehension skills in the following areas:

  • Theme
  • Visualizing
  • Generating Questions
  • Author's Purpose
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Author's Perspective

Each Friday, students receive their reading log. They are required to read 2 hours a week and write a summary about what they learned. The reading logs are due the following Friday along with a parent signature.


Each week we will be receiving a new personal narrative writing prompt. We will be focusing on the following skills each week:

  • writing an effective lead/hook
  • focusing our writing on one main idea
  • consistent and clear focus
  • organization of our writing in logical order
  • writing a powerful ending

In addition to our weekly writing prompts, we will be focusing on writing in all content areas where we will be focusing on:

  • communicating ideas effectively in written and oral expression
  • apply concepts learned to real world experiences

Every Monday, students will receive their writing homework prompt for the week. They will be completing their brainstorming, rough draft, revising and editing and final copy. Writing homework is due each Friday.


Students will be learning about Data Analysis. There will be a focus on


  • Reading and making dot plots
  • Reading and making stem and leaf plots
  • Reading and making mind plots
  • Representing data on frequency tables

Students will receive a math log every Friday and it is due the following Friday. Please ensure that students are completing their math logs. Additionally, we sent home login information for Big Brainz. This is a great way for students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Unit 5 Upcoming Topics:

  • Erosions
  • Deposition
  • Landforms
  • Weathering
  • Retention
  • Conservation

Texas History:

This year Texas History is integrated into the Reading and Writing Curriculum. Our focus this month will be:

  • The Battle of San Jacinto
  • A New Republic
  • The Settlers feelings about the change

Contact Info:

Sarah Tallman

4th Grade Team Leader


Jennifer Uhl

Assistant Team Leader


Mistina Stephan


Rowda Albelbaisi