Someone Named Eva

By- Joan M. Wolf


A girl named Malada (Eva) was taken away from her house unexpectedly, she was taken to a school gymnasium and everybody was separated into different groups. She was later taken to a concentration camp and went to a Hitler school. She was adopted by a German family, because she had the perfect features, blonde hair blue eyes. Was renamed Eva so it sounded more German. Eva wanted to go home more than anything.


The author believes that "hope" is the theme because throughout this whole book none of the characters lost hope, even when it was hard. In the book when Malada got taken to the gymnasium she kept thinking of the positives. Also when she was adopted she was thinking of her family and was thinking that it was for the best, even though she wanted to go home more than anything.

Research-- Operation Pied-Piper

Operation Pied Piper is when children are forced to leave their home. Most concentrated mass movement of people in Britain's history. If you talk to evacuees now about the events of those days in 1939 recalls painful memories. Most were school children, they were labeled like luggage, and were separated from their parents, and were watched by soldiers. It began during the summer in 1938. Was an emotional decision for the Great Britain government but it was to keep the children safe.

I would rate this book a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The reason I would rate it a four is because it was pretty easy to follow but it was confusing at some times. This was a good book if you like WWII books. The author did a good job incorporating real WWII facts but keeping it at a easy to understandable level.


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Research verses Book

The author didn't do a very good job explaining operation pied piper. In the book you didn't get very many details as a reader, it just said "Germans were forcing them to leave" but when I researched o.p.p. I found many more helpful facts that made the beginning easier to understand. I wish the author added what they did while they were making them leave, in my research it said that they marcked them like luggage so they could identify each person.