April is HERE!

Autism Awareness, New Summer Line, SPRING!

March Madness!

Wow! I am continually impressed with how amazing our team is! You all soared this past month and aimed high to reach some incredible goals! The free product credits were earned, consistency bonuses, and one of our highest number of qualified stylists!

We also welcomed six new members to our team!!!

Congrats Beth C, Beth Q, Denise, Anna, Jessica, Mary and Courtney on joining Stella and Dot!!!! Congrats to Suzy and Bonnie for growing their teams!!!

Are you ready for April?? Have you felt that "warm" sun (well maybe...) and threw on some colorful jewels to brighten up your day?? I have and I am READY for an even BIGGER April! Did you know that April is one of our biggest selling months?? That's right! No more snow..no more "it was just the holidays"....no more cold! Everyone is READY to get out and enjoy a spring evening or morning with friends! What are your goals this month? Do you want some of those gorgeous new summer totes for free??? Why not do an extra trunk show or two! Do you want to qualify? Go for it!!! Do you want to have your highest sales month ever?? I do! Yes! My personal goal is to beat my best! I am saving for a fun family vacation to DISNEY and also some home projects and I would love that extra commission this month to help with these bills! Whatever you goal may be, share it, post it, write it down!!!! We are hear to cheer you on!

There is so much to share this month! We have the Autism Awareness Boutique up and running! We have the new SUMMER line debuting on the 8th!!! We have an incredible new stylist sign up special!!! Use these to book your shows and sponsor new stylists!

Here is an example of what I am sending out today to some ladies on my who do you know list! Feel free to copy and paste!!! The fortune is in the follow up so you better believe I will call them tonight! :) :)

Hi Ann,
I hope you had a great Easter! I am so happy the weather is starting to become a tad bit warmer :) I am ready for spring and summer! Speaking of summer...our new summer line debuts on Monday and I had to share this short adorable teaser video with you! I know you love handbags...check these out! The colors are fabulous! Can't wait to hear what you think...will call you tonight!

xo, Stef

March Madness continues...look at these sales!

Jeanine Nau USA PA $4,489.96

Shannon Burgwald USA VA $3,881.91

Rachel Cogan USA PA $3,421.30

Suzanne Dillinger USA NC $3,242.55

Ann Marie Phillips USA PA $3,203.50

Bonnie Frain USA PA $2,432.15

Ashli Heckman USA PA $2,382.59

Kelli Gentekos USA PA $1,420.50

Jennifer Grigalonis USA PA $1,251.00

Tara Gensler USA PR $1,236.55

Lauren Harrington USA VA $1,119.30

Denise Marlow USA PA $1,117.50

Erika Powell USA SC $1,006.60

Beth Luton USA PA $955.00

Kasey Loughlin USA PA $901.00

Lori Verlinghieri USA PA $883.00

Kristin Lawlor USA VA $826.50

Amanda Oyler USA PA $802.26

Tam Duong USA PA $727.08

Courtney Ashby USA PA $724.00

Julie Weller USA PA $638.30

Jessica Shermer USA NC $597.00

Laura Dust USA NY $591.00

Tina Moyers USA PA $523.00

Daniela Glomb USA PA $503.00

Front Load your APRIL! Qualify by the 10th and be entered to win the BRING IT Jewelry Roll!

Summer 2013 Collection | Stella & Dot

Meeting next TUESDAY!

I hope you can join us for a fun fabulous meeting on Tuesday the 9th! We'll have the new summer line ready to view!!! Plus..lots of RAFFLES and fun tips!!