Andrew Jackson

I would say -100, but zero is fine too.

Worcester v. Georgia

Before reading any further, think about this: Do you really want a president who thinks he is so high and mighty that he ignores a court ruling? Unfortunately, that is exactly what Andrew Jackson did. He wanted the Cherokees out of their land, but when John Marshall, the Supreme Court Justice at the time, says that he cannot interfere with the Native Americans, he completely ignores him! If he ignores a ruling by the supreme court, who is to say he won't start disobeying the constitution?

The Spoils System

We already have an idiot president in Andrew Jackson, we don't need anymore dorks in congress! Just because they supported him, Jackson gave people positions in government! If there is a real crisis in the US, we would be in big trouble because the people in office would have no idea what to do! We can't have that, we need some people who have experience and/or knowledge of the position.

The Trail of Tears

Think of the most cold, heartless act you've ever experienced and multiply it by 47. Then you'll get a vague idea of what Jackson did to the Cherokees who were

living in Georgia. He mercilessly forced them out of their homes in the middle of winter, all because of the gold on their territory. First of all, settlers shouldn't have found gold on their land at all because they weren't allowed to be there. Also, if the greedy Jackson wanted the gold, all he had to do was perhaps strike a bargain with the Cherokee for the gold. Instead, he forced them onto the Trail of Tears, a long march to Oklahoma, on which thousands of Cherokees died. Do you really want a president who will do that to people who live in his country?

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Was this necessary?

Here Andrew Jackson is depicted slaying the many- headed monster, the national bank. But was this really necessary? After the national bank was closed, there was a mini depression in the US. The closing of the national bank most likely caused that. Do you want to support a president who's views blinded him to the needs of the country?