7 Things You Didn't Know About

Banishment. Well hopefully you didn't know them.

By Ryan and Keenan

Full names: Ryan Joseph MacNeill and Keenan Thomas Brandon Delorme.

1st fact!

Banishment is a punishment that used to be used a lot but it is not used as much anymore. But many people believe that banishment is coming back as a punishment, it will be served by circle justice, which is in fact a real thing, and won't be for life anymore just for a year or so but it is coming back.
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2nd fact!

Banishment originated in Greece, it then spawned off from Greece and went to other countries. In Greece they used banishment when someone in the town/city/community did terrible things like homicide(killing). These banishments were forever, or exiles.

3rd fact!

9/10 people who are given the the option choose a year or few banishment sentence rather than prison for the year or few.

4th fact!

Sometimes people are only banished from their city/town for a crime like drug dealing. this will give them a second chance to start over and not be labeled *drug dealer* so they can start fresh.

5th fact!

Some other words for banishment are: deportation, dismissal, expatriation, expulsion, ostracism, ouster and removal

6th fact!

There are many reasons people are banished one of them is so that the community is sustained and doesn't collapse to crime.

7th fact!

Banishment became big in the 18th century because that was around the time of the Anglo-Saxon's were they used banishment as a popular punishment