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Jacob Miller, Austen Smail

Brace yourselves War is coming

War is waging in Europe the Germans have taken over France and now Britain is the last standing democracy to fight. The British have been fighting the Germans alone in the Battle of Britain. They were bombed for weeks and blitzed by the Germans. It took 3 months and they finally succeeded in pushing the Germans out last year on October 31, 1940. It is now May 1941 and British are still fighting the Germans alone. They are hanging on a knifes edge to survive.


Winston Churchill was born into the family of the Dukes of Mariborough in November 30, 1874. After Neville Chamberlain stepped down from the position of Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was elected into office May 1940.


The United States plan to stay out of the war, however the battle of Atlantic may bring them into it. German u boats are attacking any and all ships in the North Atlantic, mainly US supply ships to Britain. President Roosevelt has given many fireside chats about the war and have just recently passed the lend lease act, to provide military aid to Great Britain.

Should the US enter the war?

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Japan in the Pacific

Japan has invaded China, Korea and now they have taken the Philippines. They have taken most of the pacific and who knows when they will attack the Americas. An Embargo act is possible to cut off Japan's resources and stop feeding the beast.