Local News Update

There's a new dog walking and pet sitting business

Dog walking

This business will be run by Nathan Hambleton and Ryan Maccaferri. You can contact us by calling 704-737-8444. We need a leash (provided by owner) and can only walk 1 dog each. We will walk your dog(s) for 3 different amounts of time. 1) 15 min for $3.00 2) 30 min for $7.00 3) 45 min for $10.00

Pet Sitting Info

Pet Sitting

This business is run by Ryan Maccaferri and Nathan Hambleton. You can contact us by 704-737-8444. We charge $5.00 a day. We will visit the house twice a day to check in, get your mail, and water plants. While we are pet sitting, you can add dog walking (see above for prices). We will take $1.50 off if you add dog walking and pet sitting. We pet sit for all animals (dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, etc).